What's up folks!

We're happy to announce that GOBTRON (http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /506146), our very first game as Juicy Beast Studio, is now available on iPhone and iPod Touch!

Since Newgrounds is the place where Gobtron first came to life, we though about letting you guys know about the iPhone release :D http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gobtron /id424654147

You can also take a look at http://gobtron.com to participate to out Twitter contest! You could win the game or an official Gobtron skin :] Be sure to participate daily since there will be a winner for each day of the week!

Thanks guys, you all rock!

Yowan @juicybeast

GOBTRON now available on iPhone!

Hi there Newgrounds people!

Burrito Bison received crazy ratings since its release on Newgrounds (we just hit 4.62! OMG!) and we'd like to thank you all for that. Medals have also been approved so you can now prove your friends you're a better gummy bear smasher than they are ;]

Also, if you liked the music tracks of the game, you can support us and purchase the original soundtrack right here: http://brianallenholmes.bandcamp.com/a lbum/burrito-bison-soundtrack

Burrito Bison (with medals) + Get the soundtrack!

Make sure you check out the cake editor in Feed the King!

You can also browse the cake gallery and vote on the ones you like best on the official Feed the King website.

Cakes you create could be selected to be featured in the iPhone/iPod Touch version of Feed the King!


Feed the King wants your cakes!

New profile!

2009-07-31 09:26:56 by JuicyBeast

Hurray! We can now post our very first game (pretty soon) on our brand new NG profile.
Let's hope we get plenty of comments to help us in the future!